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2738    How to cho
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Posted by:ghost Published:2015/4/8 Read:2738

1, to shoot with all the clarity of the pan Jiaozuo
When the focus of all to understand, remember to reduce the aperture, the focal length of the zoom (wide angle), and focuses in front of the center point of orientation
Use f/11 aperture, focus on the "Focus-scale" position, with 16mm wide-angle, easy to shoot clear photos in full.
2, when the water slow shutter camera should focus on immovable
Water will be atomized in the slow shutter speeds, and thus probably focus on the target of some static, highlighting water activities. Use a small aperture, the focus does not move on the branches, twigs make clear, highlighting the flow of the "atmosphere of."
3, when there is no clear focus scale, probably from a focus on the composition of nearly 1/3
When in doubt where the focus should be able to use a small aperture and focus in recent months since the 1/3.
4, when the body fails to successfully focus, able to find the target to focus the same interval
When the subject is in the same interval, the focus on the other side is the same.
5, close-range and large prospects interval should focus on close-up
Generally close range would be more Japanese eye-catching, it's best to adhere to clear, and therefore priority focus.

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